Labyrinth Lord vs. Castle Keeper in MORTAL KOMBAT

24 03 2012

Maybe not quite. But over at Dragonsfoot, I just posted some of the reasons that Faster Monkey products sport the Labyrinth Lord Compatible logo.

Lesserton and Mor revealed!

1 03 2011

In many ways the heart of Eastern Valnwall, the majestic ruins of Mor and the nearby town of Lesserton offer some of the best –and worst– that the region has to offer. No adventurer traveling to these lands would pass up an opportunity to delve the sprawling rubble of Mor, or to enjoy the spoils from his efforts in Lesserton’s gambling halls, fleshpots, and taverns.

Excerpt from the Referee’s Guide to Lesserton: Brinkley’s Assurety Trust

20 01 2011

Brinkley’s began generations back as a ransom broker for adventurers, and still makes much profit from that business. A mercenary or delver who fears capture or defeat can deposit his own ransom with Brinkley’s. The institution takes a small payment and provides a bronze pin, engraved with a picture of a bee and a unique, three-digit number. Together, the clerk and the customer pick two passwords: one to indicate that the bearer of the pin is entitled to the ransom, another to indicate that ransom should not be paid, perhaps because the captive customer is being maltreated. To users of the no-pay password, however, clerks reveal the existence and size of the ransom.

In the Ruins of Mor, most intelligent denizens recognize the pins and may prefer to capture someone wearing one instead of killing him. To ransom a prisoner, the captors send a representative to Brinkley’s with the pin and its matching password. Generally, they then release the prisoner, but keep his gear. The Brinkley’s customer can specify more guarantees than just his life: for example, promising a reward of 100 gp, or 150 gp if he’s allowed to keep his arms. Brinkley’s records all such details with the customer’s file.

The Rune of Keyshilan

31 05 2010

“When vernal sun lights on the mists,
And wave by warmth again is kiss’d,
Comes Keyshilan of gold and green,
Old home to fairy folk unseen.

As the year doth turn to fall,
And fogs a-bighting lend their pall,
The lords and ladies make their trek,
Beneath the waves to Shiriyak!”