Guest Post: Setting Out for the Lost City

17 10 2012

‘A side effect of our early RPG experience was that we continued to anticipate that most games would “need” house-rules and believed that we were competent to make them. I can hardly remember playing a game we didn’t house-rule immediately, without a careful reading of the rules and a fair play test.’ — Yup yup yup!

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

Earlburt is my closest gaming friend, and has done more than any other person to help bring the games I’ve wanted to play alive at the table. He endured my first serious attempts at running role playing campaigns: first with the Car Wars GreenMountainCouriers 2033 campaign and later with my Traveller District 268 sessions. Most importantly, he played in nearly every session of the epic 2029 Campaign. This series of guest posts recounts his experiences running the classic Lost City module… and I am of course pleased that he not only wrote down his reactions but also agreed to have them published here. Thank you, Earlburt!


I was born in 1972, and my friends and I discovered D&D in 1979/80 in the 2nd grade. We started with the B/X boxed set (Moldvay/Cook), but acquired the hardback Advanced books mere months later. We were far too…

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