Some Important Sites in Eastern Valnwall

20 04 2010

Sites in Eastern Valnwall

HS: Site of module FM001LL, The Hidden Serpent

Renneton: Setting of module FM002LL, Wheel of Evil

Eel Bight: Setting of module FM004LL, Wrack & Rune

Ruins of Mor with Lesserton: Subject of upcoming sourcebook, Lesserton & Mor

SM: Site of upcoming module FM005LL, Skull Mountain

Mount Rotten: On Daniel Proctor’s original map, this hex is occupied by the word ORCS, leaving us free to place a giant mountain there…

Countless other villages and sites remain open for development by anyone who uses this map.

Note: Nahm, from Daniel Proctor’s original map, appears on the river that we have named the Ironflood. Faster Monkey has no plans to develop Nahm, leaving it open for other versions.




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