Notes on the region

20 04 2010

(A working draft)

Far back in history, eastern Valnwall knew great wars among elves, orcs and humans. Today, most of the land lies under the plow. Cleared settlements and their hundreds of surrounding farming villages, too small to map, house well over 100,000 humans and several thousand halflings, plus a smattering of other races. No human knows how many elves live among the remaining trees of the once-great Alfpine Forest, which still covers much of eastern Valnwall. Educated folk guess that their numbers are few. They emerge to trade at Feyport, a wooded town overlooking a narrow beach. The Wood Elf King holds court deep among the trees and does not welcome visitors. Peasants tread cautiously in the fringes of the woods, for fear of crossing the invisible bounds of his influence.

Chief metropolis of the region, Bay City commands a huge fleet of trade and fishing vessels from its sheltered harbor, where the Ironflood River empties into Cobble Bay. Bay City ships salt cod all over Valnwall and indeed far beyond. Steep cliffs line most of the southern shore; at an accessible point, Scuttleton rivals Bay City in fishery, but its small harbor suffers exposure to storms. Kaye Town, second in size, hosts the main agricultural market, and its annual Harvest Festival draws thousands. Up north, hilly Renneton produces the finest cheeses, not far from the armed outpost of Fort Norbury. Towns along the Ironflood, like Nahm and Sanford, collect timber from the western Alfpine and float great log-rafts down to Bay City.

To the northeast, scattered humanoids crawl inhospitable mountains like fleas on an old dog. Giant Mt. Rotten is the center of orc population and the source of many past invasions. Humans don’t build close to these mountains anymore, with the exception of Lesserton, a swampbound and sinful town. Lesserton exists only to support and exploit those who explore the vast ruins of the ancient city of Mor.




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