East vs. West

15 04 2010

We’re placing adventures and towns in the eastern part of the open content map from the Labyrinth Lord rules, giving us a little distance from places like Larm and Dolmvay, both geographically and in flavor. Here’s how it might come from the words of an Eastron, a person from the East:

Eastron people come from parts of Valnwall east of an imaginary line, running roughly from the southernmost of the Cloudbother Mountains to the coast opposite the very point of the Slugboot Peninsula. The line stands for a more gradual but very real cultural shift: The Westron people are more settled; human and demihuman races have more interaction; the rule of the Duke and the influence of mighty Dolmvay City exude a balm of civilization; even the weather is better along the sheltered shores of the Minor Sea. To the East, things and people display rough edges; catastrophes lurk in the past, knocking matters awry; storms lash the cliffs of the coast; blood spills more easily. Adventurers can come from anywhere, but those from the West have a noticeably different accent and Eastrons often view them with suspicion and guile.




One response

15 04 2010

One of those catastrophes was, of course, what turned the great City of Mor into a ruin. Lots more fun about that locale in the pipeline.

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