A little love for the Thief

14 04 2010

Just a random idea I had for a thief-based magic item:

Dagger +1, Back Stabber: This dagger acts as a +1 weapon unless wielded by a thief. If the thief character successfully gets into back-stab position with the dagger, the weapon grants a +2 bonus (in addition to the +4 to hit for the back attack) and deals x3 damage (tripling 1d4+2).




2 responses

14 04 2010

However, as soon as it hits, it sings “BACKSTABBER! BACKSTABBER!” like Amanda Palmer.

13 06 2010
Ein Spiegelbild für den Winter meiner Seele » Liebevolles für den Dieb

[…] Das Original findet ihr hier. […]

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