The Elves

5 04 2010

I’m really tired of Tolkien style elves. It’s a fine strereotype within gaming, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been done and Done and DONE.

That said, I think the “Known Lands” map offers an interesting opportunity. There is more that one population of elves on the map. Why not make each a bit different? For our Eastern Valnwall project, I am considering a slightly insular, more primitive elven population. The live amid a sandy pine forest similar to the Southeastern U.S. They are hunters and trappers and mistrustful of strangers. “Mistrustful” as in some may shoot first and not bother asking questions later.

I’m also thinking of incorporating a slightly different flavor of elf for the PC class from those woods. i.e. slightly different spells, etc.

All these options, like most of the things Mr. Joel & I have been working on, we are striving to make in a toolbox format. In other words, things will be as modular as possible. So people can just use what they want and leave the rest.




One response

7 04 2010

I don’t like elves at all anymore. But when I was a kid, I loved playing an elf: a wise, cool soul, above the fray of common men, in harmony with the natural worlds, and, most of all, not doomed to die. It’s an important channel for roleplaying: the kid who feels like an outsider always likes identifying with a character who’s an outsider because he’s superior. Mr. Spock plays the same role, as I suppose Data does for a younger crowd.

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